6 Tips To Re-Use Old Clothing

6 Tips To Re-Use Old Clothing

Written by Konstantina Antoniadou

During the last decade, sustainable shopping has gone from “just another option” to an almost fundamental necessity. 2021 indicated a new beginning for the fashion industry with retailers and designers gearing up to leave their questionable business practices behind, and take a whole new approach to reduce their environmental footprint. In a time where choosing eco-friendly fashion seems like the most reasonable thing to do, investing in some high-quality, ethically-made apparel is now more important than ever.

Sure, sometimes it can be difficult to resist the need to add new pieces to your wardrobe from some of the well-known giant fashion labels. However, before clicking the order button, take a moment to think if your actions align with helping the Earth and all the living beings on it. Do we really need another pair of unethically made jeans? If you answered no, then you are reading the right article.

With just a simple purchase, we are heavily contributing to the toxic fast fashion industry that profits by mass selling cheap clothes and not paying their workers livable wages. In most cases, the sewers work up to 20 hours per day for 1€ in countries like China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. So, what can you do? Investing in eco-friendly, vegan fashion and learning how to re-use old clothing is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also a major step towards the right direction.

How to re-use and repurpose your clothes

DIY Scrunchies Out of a T-Shirt

Almost everyone loves scrunchies, so why not turn your old, worn to death clothing into a DIY scrunchie? Any type of material will do the trick.

DIY your own pillows flannel pillows

You have a fair share of flannel shirts, the problem is that you haven't reached for them in years. Maybe it's time to DIY some unique flanner pillows to decorate your space and declutter your wardrobe

DIY hand painted denim

No, you don't need a fine arts degree to create some otherworldly-beautiful art. You can simply print out templates to use as stencils and a few bottles of fabric paint. Not a fan of big designs? A fabric marker will do the trick.


You certainly don't need every pair of jeans you own. Some of them might be too small, too big or simply over-worn. That's where the art of patchwork comes in to save the day. It doesn't even have to be a "denim on denim" kind of a situation. There are a plethora of fabrics you can use to patch your way to a new wardrobe.

Make a fringe tassel tee

From festivals to the beach, a fringe tee might always come in handy, especially if you haven't spent a dollar on it. Luckily, you can find some stellar DIY solutions to help you turn any old t-shirt into an enviable fringe top.

Drawstring bag out of t-shirt sleeves

In less than 10 minutes you can upcycle old t-shirts and give yourself some extra jewelry storing space. Drawstring bags can be used for pretty much everything, including some serious gift-giving.

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